Fire for Hire

The Arcane order of the group. Their Logo are four connected Gearwheels. One has a flame , one with a 'Jack Skull, one a flask and one with two crossed guns on it.


Founded by Dougal Blake, Alaris Garrity and Flagus Fireeater under the name “Contingent of the Arcane, Mechanik und Alchemistic Arts and Scienes and their practical application of Corvis”. Unfortunately they didn’t get much work and ended in some high debts.
Later they were saved from closing by Rebecca Strife and she started to change the concept from the first minute.
The name was changed, temporarily, into “Fire for Hire” and a cash box was introduced in which 90% of all income is saved and used to pay the expenses of the order and the remaining 10% are divided among the members for personal use.

Expenses are:
New Weapons & Armor
Alchemic Utilities
Costs for repairs
’Jack Equipment
Crafting Equipment
lodging on travels
Ink & Paper
Travelling Expenses

Treasure Master: Rebecca Strife
Military Leader: Rebecca Strife
Arcane-Branch Leader: Flagus Fireeater
Alchemic-Branch Leader: Alaris Garrity
Mechanik-Branch Leader: Dougal Blake
Master of the Arcane Order: Dougal Blake
Archivist: Alaris Garrity
Medic: Alaris Garrity
Grunt: Flagus Fireeater

Cash Box: 29,5ss

Mechanikal Workshop
Alchemical Lab
3 Orgoth Coins


Fire for Hire

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