Iron Kingdoms

A job well done
But there is no time to rest.

Dear Diary,
The last few days were filled with success and misery alike. We brought the surviving men from our fight against Rorke and his followers to the Garrison and Sergant Cailin Brenn promised us our reward on the following day.
Back home, I officially promoted Dougal Blake to the Rank of Lieutenant, but it appeared to me, that he kind of disliked it. Maybe because I also gave him the order to have an eye on Flagus Fireeater and to be responsible to check on his behavior.

Stuff to come.

Why Does This Keep Happening?/ Get Out Of My Damn Head
One Body + Two Minds = A Lot Of Trouble

Dear Diary,

It keeps happening… and it’s getting worse.
It’s been almost a year since I nearly died and even though my wounds are fully healed, there still seems something wrong with me. At first I thought, i was just blacking out every now and then, but after some time, I actually figured out,that somebody or something took over my body and used for some really mean and terrible things.
The only positive thing this other being ever achived, was getting together with Dougal Blake, Flagus Fireeater and later Rebecca Strife. They formed an arcane order,which now seems to have turned into a mercenary group.
Even though we’re working and living together for some weeks now, I still haven’t toild the others about my condition. I don’t really think they’re so judgemental, but I’m sort of afraid they’d sent me away. So all I can do about this for now is to hope they won’t realize it and try to figure out how to stop those changes.

Today, Rebecca came to me and asked me to clean up the laboratory. I really don’t know why she’s so urgent about it. I’m perfectly fine with my system of arrangeing my compartements.
Also,when she wanted me to clean up the lab,I was actually busy reading a pretty interesting book, so I tried to de3lay it. Maybe she would find something else to do during breakfast, so I can keep working under my usual conditions.
“Dear Diary”….
Ok, seriously: How can she write this crap without bursting into laughter?
Anyway, I just happened to stumble over sweet little Ms. Innocence’s diary and thought it would be time to add some notes of my own.
[Sidenote: little Miss Goody-Goody blacks out everytime I get in control? interesting.]

Today, this Rebecca-person turned all bossy again and tried to force me into “cleaning up” the lab. As if,bitch… After all, it is MY lab, and I am the one working there. So I am the only one, who needs to go in there.
Besides, I’m no teenager anymore,so I really don’t want “have you cleaned your lab?” to be the first words I hear when I get down to have some breakfast.
To be fair, her next idea to walk around town and advertise our little club wasn’t a much better plan. I mean, come on… we have a big copper-sign above the door, that should be enough.
But since Flagus managed to burn the bacon again (seriously, if this guy weren’t such a charming arsonist, I’d probably killed him in his sleep for screwing up the food everytime), so I decided to go to the market, advertise the team to get Rebecca off my back and try to get some proper food.
After a little flirt with a admittedly cute but stupid as hell merchant, I managed to get his stool for an announcement and bought an apple, so I finally had something proper to eat.
However, since I had to pay for the apple, so I figured I should get me some new money. So I took the burden of his purse from a fat guy on my way back home. After all, he had enpough to carry on his own weight,right?

Apparently, my “other half” found my diary.And her Sidenote implies that she knows everything I do,so I guess there is no use in hiding it.great…

~To be continued

Welcome to Fire for Hire
We got a lot of work to do

Dear Diary,
To be honest, I thought it would be easier to lead and organise this small Arcane Order, but my the partners Alaris Garrity, Dougal Blake and Flagus Fireeater appear to be more difficult to command. Especially Flagus, he sleeps way to long and when he awakes, he always wants to burn everything with or without his magic, I have to do something about this. He almost burned me, when I woke him the fist time, but this won’t stop me from teaching him some discipline.
On the ohter hand, exept for Blake non of them has ever had some military education and Alaris is also a bit strange. One moment she supports any bloodshed or murder she can think of and in the next you think she wouldn’t even hurt a fly, while she denies her earlier statements. I wonder whats up to her.
The most reasonable one of them is Blake. Maybe I should make him my official second-in-command. Eventhough he gives his mechanikal work priority beyond everything else, he still is a capable officer as a warcaster. The only problem is, that he is disturbed by me saving their order. He won’t accept, that we are a exclusive kind of mercenaries, but this won’t hinder him from having an eye on Flagus, when I’m not around.

Later the day, we advertised our opening on the streets of Corvis and not for naught. Alaris managed to help someone for some money. At last she said she did that, but she refused the details. I really should keep an eye on her. It would be really bad, if she makes us unnecessary trouble, even though it’s more plausible that the trouble will come from Flagus.
But she also brought us our first customer. Her name was Sergant Cailin Brenn of the city watch. She wanted us to research some odds of her superiors Sergant Hill and Lieutenant Rorke. She saw strange green light coming out of Sergant Hills office and as she reported it to Lieutenant Rorke, he didn’t do anything about it.
There was also some strange situation about two bounties. The one of Colbie Sterling and Milo Boggs. Both have been hunted as arsonists and the bounty was closed a few days ago, without them being catched. Of course we took this job and Sergant Brenn wanted to return tomorrow to us, just in case, if we have further questions or new informations.
After she was gone, we began our work. First thought about hunting for some bounty to meet Sgt. Hill or Ltd. Rorke, but we dropped it for the chances of actually having them paying out the bounty. Then we tried to find out more about the two absconders. Therefore we searched the taverns for news about them and in fact, Flagus and Dougal heard where they lived and that they had some trouble with the mercenary charta,trying to become an official mercenary unit. Alaris and I were involved in a bar-fight instead. Even worse, while trying to stop the brawl Alaris used one of her smoke genades. Let alone the confusion it caused, she wasted a good amount of money this way. At least, we had the fortune that sgt. Hill came with a group of guardsmen to take control of the situation, just after me shouting the visitors into some discipline, stopping the brawl this way. He demanded two silver shields of every one involved in the bar-fight as a penalty. Even from me, who stopped this ruckus. At least we knew his face this way.
After that, we waited till evening, to break inside the home of Colbie Sterling and Milo Boggs mercenary group the “Blackwater Irregulars”. The house appeared to be left quite fast. There was even some meal left on the table. But that wasn’t the important thing we found. That was a list of their members: Colbie Sterling (the leader), Milo Boggs (an alchemist), Gardek Stonebrow (a Trollkin) and Elish Garrity (an arcanist). Quite intriguing was the fact, the Elish Garrity is none ohter than the brother of our Alaris Garrity. At first it seemed almost to fortunate, but when I asked Alaris about Elish she answered quite frank about her relation with Elish and that she wishes to kill him. On the other hand it wouldn’t make me wonder, if she denies that the next time I ask her about him. With that we called it a day and got some rest for the following day.

We had a meeting with sgt. Brenn at the mid of the day, but she didn’t appear. When we asked about her at the guard, they told us, she became suddenly ill the last day. We assumed that it was no bad-luck, but Rorke and Hills doing. So Alaris waited for sgt. Hill to leave and follow him around the town till he went into an inconspicuous building, where he seemed to have an appartment.
After that, we went to the library to find more information about their crime. Quite unfortunate actually, just for looking at some newspaper they wanted 2ss for a monthly membership and FLagus had a look in his eyes that let me fear for the worst, but maybe I just imagine things. Then we visited the Lab they burned and found some remains of bones, witch seemed to be infused with cryxian magic. Hopefully I’m wrong with this asumption, but the runes reminded me of the one or another undead enemy from my time as a crewmember of the “Seabird”. We were not sure what to do now, but decided it would be best to break into sgt. Hills house. To be honest, I didn’t expect that being a mercenary arcane order ment to be a part time burglar, but we didn’t had much of a choice. By convincing the housekeeper to help us out, we found his appartment and entered it. Insede we searched for something suspicous and found hidden stairs behind a bookshelf. If that’s not suspicous, then I’m the Queen of Cygnar. Together, we went down the stairs into a secret underground area, where we found some men in uniforms of the guard, sgt. Hill, some other guy, probably Ltd. Rorke, and Sgt. Brenn chained to a wall. It was a hard fight, but Blake and Flagus turned the tide with their magic. Especially Flagus fought like a beast, throwing himself inside our enemies. Taking and giving strikes without showing any fear. That gave Alaris the time to free Sgt. Brenn during the fight. In the end, most of them were dead and the remaining had surrendered before Flagus. Soon we will know what this is all about.


+20ss prepayment
+5ss earned by Alaris Garrity with unknown services

-4ss penalty for the bar-fight
-1,5ss for information
-9ss material for one alchemical restorative
-2ss expenses(monthly membership for the Library)


+30ss from Sgt. Brenn for our work
-Xss expenses for ammunition and grenades (calculation ongoing)


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