Alaris Garrity

alchemist-thief with brother-issues


Name: Alaris Garrity

Level: Hero

Total XP earned: 0








Thamarite (lapsed)


PHY: 5

SPD: 6

STR: 4

AGL: 5

PRW: 4

POI: 4

INT: 5

ARC: -

PER: 3

Derivided Stats

DEF: 13

ARM: 5

Initiative: 13

Command Range: 3


Alchemy : 1

Animal Handling(Social): 0

Bribery: 1

Climbing(Agility): 0

Deception: 1

Driving(Agility): 0

Escape Artist: 1

Gambling(Perception): 0

Intimidation(Social): 0

Jumping(Physique): 0

Lock Picking: 2

Lore(Theme)(Intellect): 0

Medicine: 1

Pickpocket: 2

Riding(Agility): 0

Swimming(Strength): 0

Command(Social): 0

Sneak(Agility): 1

Streetwise: 1



Great Weapon(Prowess): 0

Hand Weapon(Prowess): 1

Lance(Prowess): 0

Light Artillery(Poise): 0

Pistol(Poise): 0

Rifle(Poise): 0

Shield(Prowess): 0

Thrown Weapon(Prowess): 2

Unarmed Combat(Prowess): 0

Languages: Cycnarian, Caspian

Abilities & Archetype Benefits

Preternatural Awareness, Grenadier, Poison Resistance, Conniver, Dodger, Parry



Alchemist’s Leather
Grenadier’s bandolier
Ammo Bandolier (throwing knife)
Traveling Alchemist’s Kit
Gas Mask
Thief’s Tool
rope (20 feet) + grappling hook
chalk (pack of five pieces)

Alchemical Equipment

Empty Grenade (3)
Alchemical waste, crystalized (5)
Alchemical waste, liquid (5)
Mineral Acid (3)


Knife,throwing (5)
Alchemical grenades ( Acid Granade:2, Cinder Granade:3, explosive grenade: 1, Smoke grenade:1)

Combat Stats

DEF: 13

ARM: 10

Initiative: 13

Command Range: 5

Weapon Stats


Alaris was born as the daughter of a merchant in Corvis. Her father wasn’t exactly rich -he barely managed to keep his small shop, so he had to work a lot. Her Mother died when Alaris was born, so most of the time, her elder Brother Eilish took care of her. When Alaris was five, a member of the Order Of The Golden Crucible entered their shop and by chance discovered Eilish’s magical talents.
He offered to take Eilish as his apprentice and their father accepted, hoping for his son to get better life.
It quickly became clear,that Eilish was higly talented, which made his letters pretty funny for Alaris to read,when he wrote about working “only with amateurs” and that he would soon surpass the whole Order. Then again,he was her big brother,who always took care for her,so why should he lie?
When Alaris was nine years old, her father went very ill. She begged Eilish to return home and cure her father, after all, he was a powerful mage,wasn’t he? But Eilish didn’t return. When their father died a year later, Alaris life turned hard. She had no home,no money, and hadn’t heared of her borther for quite some time. She started developing a grudge towards Eilish for not even coming home for a funeral, but then again she still hoped he would return someday and everything would turn out well.

After two years of struggeling to survive, she got taken in by a shadowy figure, who made her his “apprentice”. But even then, life in the less noble parts of Corvis. In order to survive, Alaris had to some things she never wanted to do.
While a part of her still looked up to Eilish and hoped for him to return and save her from this life, the part of her that took control when she had to kill to survive,to prostitute herself to not get killed, to murder in order to not get murdered herself, started hating Eilish. She hated him for abandoning her, for not caring.She wanted to let him suffer,as much as she had suffered.

On her 18th birthday, she tried to kill her master, using the skills he taught her. However, she failed and he left her to die in a burning building. She barely could make it outside before she passed out and was found by an elderly woman,who took care of her injuries. After some time,Alaris fully recovered, but kept some burnmarks on her upper arms and a light scar from a deep cut reaching from lower lid of her left eye to the corner of her mouth in her otherwise beautyful face.

The near death-experience shook her deeply, and her already damaged mind turned into a split-personality: One half still hoping to be rescued by her brother, sweet, innocent, polite and evading violence as much as possible, the other hard,brutal, rude and reckless, loving to cause destruction and seeking to get revenge on Eilish for leaving her alone in the Slums of Corvis. This part of will not let anyone lay a hand on her brother… this pleasure belongs to her.

She knew,that she would need a lot of preparation to get her master and her brother,besides she didn’t want to take advantage of the old lady, so she started making use of her skills.
One day,when she was wandering the countryside to collect some herbs, she heard some noise near the woods and got curious. When she sneaked closer,she discovered a War Caster being attacked by a bunch of Winterguards. Her ‘evil’ personality kicked in and decided this was a great opportunity to test the grenades, she recently started crafting. She didn’t really care about the Caster, but after all, with multiple Winterguards as target,she could check, how well her grenades would work for crowd control. When a spell-wielding Trollkin also joined to battle, the Winterguard soldiers got quickly annihilated.
The War Caster brought up the idea to stay in contact and regarding the option,they might give her access to some interesting materials Alaris agreed.
However, she never told them about her little split personality-problem,not even when they decided to became an Arcane Order.

Aftrer some time, the order got into financial trouble, and they needed to find a financier…

[to be continued]

Alaris Garrity

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